Corporate &
Social Responsibility

Long before Corporate Social Responsibility became a corporate trend, the Group had committed itself to be a responsible corporate citizen of the communities within which it operates.

With focus on education and social welfare, the Group's philantrophic activities are conducted through Hong Leong Foundation ( "the Foundation"). Incorporated in 1992, the Foundation is funded by contributions from the Group's companies and professionally managed by Hong Leong Fund Management, enabling the Foundation to increase donation amounts each year. Through the Foundation, the Group is able to reach out to the community and to actively help build better futures.

Since its inception, the Foundation has given out millions of ringgit in the form of scholarship grants, providing thousands of bright but underprivileged Malaysian students with the opportunity to pursue higher education. These scholarship awards do not carry any repayment requirement nor are the recipients bonded to serve the Group upon graduation.

The Foundation also makes substantial donations to help improve the lives of orphans, the aged, the sick and those with special needs, including responding to appeals for aid by victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and others. Holding steadfast to its belief that the Group's human resource is its greatest asset, the Group is committed to implementing strategic human resource policies that meet the needs of its people in different areas such as career and skills development, health and safety at work and the promotion of quality of life. At the same time, the Group reaches out to its employees through the grant of scholarships to deserving children of employees, reinforcing its commitment to build tomorrow's generation through education.

The two core values that the Group holds are Quality and Honour. As such, the Group's operations are committed to providing quality services to its customers and conducting all its business affairs with dignity, integrity and honour such that customers have come to trust the Hong Leong brand. Apart from managing its businesses operations in accordance to global standards, Hong Leong Group is also known for its prudent and excellent financial management capability. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, environmental management programme such as recycling campaigns, air pollution controls and waste management programme are also continuously being deployed in the Group.